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2013 WGI Rankings


Final Rankings (Week #7) Posted (3/25/13)

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic run. I always said I'd run this site until either it didn't pay for itself, or until it wasn't needed. This year both happened. WGI started posting the rankings on their website and thus Guardbuzz is no longer needed. And due to the reduced traffic from that change, the ads and donations failed to even pay the hosting costs yet alone the domain registration. I know everyone out there has appreciated the site over the years, and I thank you for visiting!

Welcome to the 2013 WGI unofficial rankings page. As in the past, this page has no affiliation with WGI or any other winter guard circuit or group. I've put this site together, as a fan, just for fun to keep a tally on where all the WGI winter guards stand competitively using the same formula WGI uses for World Championship seeding. PLEASE do not put too much stock in these ratings. Although they may give you a good idea of what neighborhood your group is in, there are almost always guards that move up or down significantly in Dayton from where the rankings place them.

As a reminder, this site only ranks units that have competed at a WGI regional. Circuit scores vary greatly from circuit to circuit, with some circuit scores being up to 10 points off of the WGI score the unit would have earned. For that reason, I can't include circuit scores in the rankings, please don't notify me of scores for units that aren't WGI regional scores.

Scores are taken from finals at each WGI regional for those units that made finals and from prelims for the rest of the guards. This may cause slight errors in the rankings for those guards that barely made/missed finals since prelims scores may have been higher than finals scores. Scores are incremented by 1.5 points per week through week #4 (meaning guards competing in week #4 still get a 1.5 point increase to arrive at their week #5 score), and then 1 point is added until the weekend of Championships. The latest score always takes precedence, not the highest score.

Let me know if you find any errors in the scores I entered by following the contact link on the left of this page.

If you're looking for last year's rankings, please click here.

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If you have any corrections or updates for the website, please let me know!